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Feb 19, 2020

(BREAKING) Worlds land masses shift into a Pangea-like state, but only for a second

Some saying it's judgement day, with magnitude 6.66 earthquakes hitting



February 18, 2020 was day of confusion and breakthrough. At around 8:00 PM EST the earth quake alert system went off. The earthquake sensors read magnitudes upwards of 6.5 being possible. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan temporarily lost power; the backup diesel generators were turned on. Brazil lost power for over 26 hours. The stock market went down. Several theories have been discussed on what happened and how. In this article we will cover all of those theories. With a strange incidence of this scale, it's concerning that barely anyone has heard about this.

Trying to explain

The reason for this happening is up for debate with many saying it never happened. The "experts" we talked to agreed that the cause was because of seismic waves caused by the SA tectonic plate snapping. Seismographs showed crazy reading with the line going in a "DNA strand" shape. Beau Nirman of the National Weather Service recalls an "alarm beeping and next thing I know there are data reports of uh, of a magnitude 6.66 earthquakes possibly hitting the West coast". Still, others believe it was because of the Cartosat-1 satellite accidently sending electro-magnetic waves to earths ozone.

The earthquake lasted less than a millisecond. It was so fast no one could feel it.

Flat Earthers may hold answer

Answers have arived from an unlikely source: Flat Earthers. This specific group of people have been adamant that the world was reverted into a pangea like state due to the ozone layer weighing more than the earth itself. This was the sketch we recieved from the Flat Earther Grand Wizard Larry Beefhauer; it depicts the earths continents in a certain way. All of them connecting.


If this is true, the arguement of whether or not the earth is flat will be over once and for all. Only a flat land mass could shift into this position (note where the Swiss Alps in relation to Africa).

Lastly one of the more reasonable theories to arise from this is from the Westboro Baptist Church. The Westboro Babtist Church is trying to claim it was judgement day on February 18. The reasoning behind this was that the seismograph lines could be seen as saying "KYS" and the conspicuos level 6.66 earthquake. Further more, the "pangea" map - when flipped upside down - can be interpreted as saying 666, Satans social security number.


Currently the National Weather Service is looking into why their Severe Weather Alert System failed to deliver a warning to citizens TVs in regards to the maginitude 6.66 earthquake.

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